Ueda Railway Train Set List

1000 series | 1000

Description | 説明

Ueda Electric Railway (上田電鉄) is a small-sector private railway company established in Nagano Prefecture as a member of Ueda Transportation group, subsidiary of Tokyu Corporation. The company has only one line named Ueda Bessho Line from Ueda to Bessho-onsen with 15 stations and small amount of rolling stocks, all of them are former Tokyu Corporation train sets brought from Ikegami Line.

The trains used listed as follows:


1000 Series | 1000

Ueda 1000

1000 series was the latest train set transferred to Ueda Electric Railway, taken from former 2 cars of Tokyu 1000 series operated on Ikegami Line numbered KuHa 1010 and DeHa 1300, renumbered as KuHa 1100 and MoHa 1000. This train operated as driver only operation, indicated by one man green sign on the display. Small-scale modification done by applying one additional single-arm type pantograph on the top of MoHa 1000 car to support more electricity.

1000 Series Formation Table | 1000編成表 

1000 Series Formation

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