Toyo Rapid Train Set List

2000 series | 2000系

Description | 説明

Toyo Rapid Railway Co. Ltd. (東葉高速鉄道) is a private-sector railway company with only one Toyo Rapid Line (1,067 mm gauge) that runs between Tokyo and Chiba. The line is an extension of Tokyo Metro Tozai Line with additional through-service to JR East Chuo-Sobu Line.

The trains used listed as follows:

2000 series | 2000系

Toyo Rapid 2000

2000 series is the latest train set from Toyo Rapid Railway to substitute 1000 series, which has similar specification with Tokyo Metro 05N, since the train set design based from 05N. It also has same formation as the latest 05N production sets, equipped with single arm pantograph and VVVF inverter system.

2000 Series Formation Table | 2000編成表

Click the table to view full size | フルサイズは編成表の画像をマウスクリックしてあります。


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