Tokyu Train Set List

1000 series | 1000系 (TY|IK|TM)

2000 series | 2000系 (DT) 

5000 series | 5000系 (DT)

5050 series | 5050系 (TY)

> 4000 series | 4000番台 (TY)

5080 series | 5080系 (MG)

6000 series | 6000系 (OM)

7000 series | 7000系 (MG|IK|TM

7700 series | 7700系 (TM) 

8000 series | 8000系 (TY|OM)

8500 series | 8500系 (DT|OM)

9000 series | 9000系 (TY|OM)

Description | 説明

Tokyu Corporation (東京急行電鉄株式会社) is one of the seven major private railway companies in Greater Tokyo and Kanto region, as successor of Meguro-Kamata Electric Railway and Tokyo-Yokohama Electric Railway. It serves Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture, with seven main lines below:

  • Den-en-toshi Line (田園都市線 | DT)
  • Toyoko Line (東横線 | TY)
  • Meguro Line (目黒線 | MG)
  • Oimachi Line (大井町線 | OM)
  • Ikegami Line (池上線 | IK)
  • Tamagawa Line (多摩川線 | TM)
  • Setagaya Tramway Line (世田谷軌道線 | SG)

The top three railway lines mentioned above have through-service operation to Tokyo Metro lines and other major private/public railway company such as Tobu Railway, Seibu Railway, Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Saitama Rapid Railway.

Other lines that maintained and operated by Tokyu Corporation are short section of Kodomonokuni Line (こどもの国線, using KD code) and underground type Yokohama Minatomirai Line (横浜みなとみらい線, using MM code), where the ownership of those two lines taken by Yokohama Rapid Railway, a joint subsidiary company of Tokyu itself and Yokohama city government.

Some operators that ever joined Tokyu group in the past and spinned off later then:

  • Oda Express Electric Railway (Odakyu)
  • Keihin Express Electric Railway (Keikyu)
  • Keio Corporation
  • Sagami Railway (Sotetsu)
  • Enoshima Electric Railway (Enoden)
  • Shizuoka Railway (Shizutetsu)

In addition, Tokyu Corporation owns two third sector railway companies below:

  • Izu Express Railway
  • Ueda Electric Railway

Until 2012, Tokyu also owned railway rolling stock manufacturer under Tokyu Car Corporation brand name with specialisation for stainless steel car body, but the shares later given to East Japan Railway Company and then changed its name to Japan Transport Engineering Company (J-TREC). Although the major ownership and the brand name had been changed since that, J-TREC still built and maintain some Tokyu Corporation train sets.

The trains used listed as follows:


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