Toei Train Set List 

6000 series | 6000

Description | 説明

Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation (東京都交通局) or simply abbreviated as Toei (都営) is one of the underground system in Tokyo area which has constructed by Tokyo metropolitan government after transferred from Teito Rapid Transit Authority (now Tokyo Metro). The lines, however, are separately different from its predecessor, which has 1,372 mm Scotch gauge that was also used by Keio Sagamihara Line after conversion from standard Japanese gauge. Mita Line is the only one railway line with 1,067 mm gauge, since the through services running through the line are from Tokyu and Tokyo Metro lines where 1,067 mm gauge is used.

There are four main lines, where all trains are listed line by line as is:

Mita Line | 三田 

6000 Series | 6000

6000 series is the first 1,067 mm gauge train sets operated by Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau to accomodate connection to the Tokyu Meguro Line, which used the same track gauge. Its design based from 5000 series operated in Asakusa line, but with different gauge and use of stainless steel body instead of mild steel material. Become the winner of 1969 Laurel Prize award, initially the first production onto third production didn't use air conditioning system, where in 1972 the 6121 formation is the first set using air conditioner with two cooling blocks. But the latest production (6271 and 6281 formation) have one cooling block with native cooling system installed, so that those sets are colder than others. At the end, when the operation had fully replaced by 6300 series, some sets are scrapped then or transferred to another operator inside Japan and overseas, and two preserved motorised cars (6145 & 6146) are left intact.

6000 Series Formation Table | 6000編成表 

Click the table to view full size | フルサイズは編成表の画像をマウスクリックしてあります。


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