Tokyo Metro Train Set List

3000 series | 3000

05N series | 05N

Description | 説明

Tokyo Metro (東京メトロ) is an underground rapid transit in Tokyo which become most used underground system on the world for annual passenger ride. It consists of 9 lines, two of them used 1,435 mm gauge and the others used Japan standard 1,067 mm gauge.

The trains used listed as follows, line by line:


Hibiya Line | 日比谷線 

3000 Series | 3000

TRTA 3000

3000 series are the first production of Teito Rapid Transit Authority (TRTA, also known as Eidan Subway before Tokyo Metro era) 1,067 mm gauge train sets. They have 3 pairs of doors derived from Ginza and Marunouchi Line sets, with stainless steel material used for car body. Unlike the predecessors, the pantograph and overhead catenary system used instead of third rail with shoe gear contact electrification system. After the final operation commenced, some sets transferred to Nagano Electric Railway; and remaining sets are scrapped to let their parts fit onto regauged cars from other companies and reserved spare part stocks.

3000 Series Formation Table | 3000編成表 

Click the table to view full size | フルサイズは編成表の画像をマウスクリックしてあります。

Tozai Line | 東西線

05N Series | 05N系 (第28と34編成) 

Tokyo Metro 05N

05N series are based from 05 series with redesigned front end and many special differences compared by its predecessors. The concept is based on Hitachi A-Trains system with VVVF inverter installed to provide more comfort acceleration and reduced engine sound vibration. The formation is vary due to the batch production process.   

05N Series Formation Table | 05N編成表

Click the table to view full size | フルサイズは編成表の画像をマウスクリックしてあります。


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