Tobu Railway Train Set List

3000 series | 3000

6050 series | 6050系

8000 series | 8000系 

30000 series | 30000系

Description | 説明

Tobu Railway Co. Ltd. (東武鉄道株式会社) is a private railway company in the Kanto region that serves five prefectures: Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Tochigi and Gunma. The Tobu name resembled from on-yomi reading of "east" and "Musashi" kanji letters as initial service area. It consists of 12 lines in total, where Daishi Line is the shortest and Isesaki Line is the longest route.

The 12 lines of Tobu Railway service shown below:

  • Isesaki Line (伊勢崎線)
  • Kameido Line (亀戸線)
  • Daishi Line (大師線)
  • Tojo Line (東上線)
  • Noda Line (野田線)
  • Nikko Line (日光線)
  • Utsunomiya Line (宇都宮線)
  • Kinugawa Line (鬼怒川線)
  • Sano Line (佐野線)
  • Ogose Line (越生線)
  • Koizumi Line (小泉線)
  • Kiryu Line (桐生線)

The trains used listed as follows:


6050 Series | 6050系

Services: Isesaki Line, Nikko Line, Kinugawa Line

Tobu 6050

6050 series EMUs are derived directly from refurbished 6000 series that have 2-cars basic formation, consists of a prime mover car with scissors type pantograph and a trailer control car, respectively. Originally 6000 series are designed looked like as Japan National Railways long distance running EMUs with cross seats, and the 6050 sets followed suit. In addition, a toilet had been installed inside every trailer cars to give accomodation for passenger activities during the trip.

 6050 Series Formation Table | 6050系 編成表

Click the table to view full size | フルサイズは編成表の画像をマウスクリックしてください。

8000 Series | 8000系

Services: Isesaki Line, Kameido Line, Noda Line, Tojo Line, Ogose Line

Tobu 8000

8000 series is based from 6000 series with significantly different system, where has different formations and specifications through all batch productions. It also has refurbished sets based from 6050 series front end. The train sets usually available in 2 cars, 4 cars and 6 cars formation, even some middle batch productions have 8 cars formation. All 8000 series and their derivatives used scissors-type pantograph (known as "下枠交差型パンタグラフ" in Japanese) that looks similar to original diamond-type pantograph, but with crossing bars on the lower part.

8000 Series Formation Table | 8000系 編成表

Click the table to view full size | フルサイズは編成表の画像をマウスクリックしてください。


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