Nagaden Train Set List 

3500 series | 3500系
8500 series | 8500系 

Description | 説明

Nagano Electric Railway (長野電鉄) or usually referred as Nagaden is a small sector private railway company based in Nagano Prefecture. It has 2 lines in beginning, but the Yashiro to Suzaka section of Yashiro Line had already discontinued. Nowadays, the only one line established is Nagano Line, which serves Nagano to Yudanaka. The supporting trains are transferred from other major private railway companies in entire Japan.

Here is the trains used on the Nagano Line, sorted by service introduction date:

3500/3600 Series | 3500系・3600系 

3500/3600 series is the local service train set bought from former Eidan 3000 series, which divided in three classes: L (Long), N (Normal) and O (one man) sets. But even the code is L or N, they brought one man service sign beside those codes. The Long sets consists of 3 car units, numbered 3600 series as shown in image above. The Normal sets and One Man sets shared 3500 series numbering system and consists of 2 car units, which N sets using two first code (00-10) and O sets using another code (20-30). However, some 3500/3600 train sets are retired and immediately occupied by 8500 series service later then.

3500 Series Formation Table | 3500系 編成表 

8500 Series | 8500系

8500 series is the latest 3 cars train set introduced for local service in Nagano Line brought from Tokyu Corporation. Its specification is commonly same as its predecessors, but with special exception for 8505F and 8506F train sets, which one of the cooling system on the top in MoHa 8510 cars had been replaced by PT-43 lozenge type pantograph like Chichibu 7000 series. Those sets have T code referred to the former operator, Tokyu; and also the original Tokyu logo had been replaced by their own Nagaden star logo. In addition, the last train set 8506F is the only one with modified cabin unit on each motorised unit.

8500 Series Formation Table | 8500系 編成表 


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