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6000 series | 6000系  

Description | 説明

Kumamoto Electric Railway (熊本電気鉄道) is a third-sector private railway company in Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu region. The former name of the company is Kikuchi Electric Railway, taken from a former terminus station Kikuchi which operated until 1986, but still mentioned by local residents throughout the railway line. The company occupies 2 lines: Kikuchi Line (菊池線) and Fujisaki Line (藤崎線). Those lines formerly started on Kami-kumamoto station, but afterwards following the suspension of Kami-kumamoto to Fujisaki-miyamae section made the Fujisaki Line terminus station switched to Fujisaki-miyamae. In addition, the suspension occured on Miyoshi to Kikuchi section so that Kikuchi line overall length is shortened to 10.8 km. The Fujisaki Line has short section shared both by rail and road vehicles, similar behaviour as tram lines.

The trains used listed as follows:

6000 Series | 6000系

Services: Kikuchi Line, Fujisaki Line

6000 series are bought from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau (Toei) with same type, but just use two control cars instead of full train set, since the station platforms on Fujisaki Line didn't have long enough space to operate all 6 cars. Some modifications as one man set applied shortly after delivered, including mirrors, cowcatchers and display signs. Other properties have just remained intact, like her sisters in service on Chichibu Railway.

6000 Series Formation Table | 6000系 編成表 


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