Izukyu Train Set List  

8000 series | 8000系  

Description | 説明

Izukyu Corporation (伊豆急行株式会社) is a private railway company in Shizuoka Prefecture, a subsidiary company of Tokyu Corporation. It serves Izu Peninsula train service, with only one line named Izu Kyuko Line running from Ito to Izukyu Shimoda. The through service to JR Ito Line for Atami with limited-express services also exists nowadays. The company offers beautiful scenery of Pacific Ocean view while riding trains, especially for sunrise and sunset event.

The trains used listed as follows:

8000 Series | 8000系 

8000 series are brought from Tokyu Corporation with same number classification. It had already modified on Tokyu Nagatsuta depot before delivery, with semi cross seating beside the longitudinal seating together. On each set, one of the motorized centre car had modified to cabin unit, with special case where the 8152 car is taken from 8500 series numbered 8723. Also, another modification taken on some native driving unit where one of the cooling system on the top replaced by a single-arm pantograph, renaming the 8050 units to 8250. All sets painted with blue strip theme named "Izu no Natsu" or "Izu Summer" on their body, in expection for some sets decorated with flower theme.


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