Fujikyu Train Set List 

6000 series | 6000系 

Description | 説明

Fuji Kyuko Co. Ltd. (富士急行株式会社) is a small-sector private railway company in Yamanashi Prefecture, Chubu region. The "Fuji" name given since the railway service is nearby to Mount Fuji, which consists of two lines: Otsuki Line (大月線) and Kawaguchiko Line (河口湖線). Those two lines are treated as one main line with same train sets in service, because of Fujisan station usage as starting point together.

The trains used listed as follows:

6000 Series | 6000系 

Fujikyu 6000

6000 series is 3 cars train set introduced for passenger service brought from East Japan Railway Company 205 series operated in Keiyo Line. Its formation taken from first three cars, where the third car formerly used as plain motor car, so then further modification done by installing modified driver cabin unit taken from another native driver cabin unit that was scrapped later, and former one lozenge-type PS21 pantograph is replaced by two single-arm type pantographs. In addition, exterior and interior sections are heavily modified by converting manual rolling displays into dot-matrix LED systems and modernised features.

6000 Series Formation Table | 6000系 編成表  


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