Chichibu Railway Train Set List

Description | 説明

Chichibu Railway Co., Ltd. (秩父鉄道株式会社) is a third sector private railway company operating commuter railway line in northern Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Chichibu Main Line has many second hand rolling stocks bought from top-level operators, such as JNR or JR Group, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Seibu Railway, and Tokyu Corporation. It has only one line named Chichibu Railway Main Line, a single tracked line running from Hanyuu to Mitsumineguchi with beautiful scenery on some sections. It also shares platform with non-electrified Kumagaya Line owned by Tobu in Kumagaya and Kami-kumagaya stations, but the Kumagaya Line had already closed in 1987.

The trains used listed as follows:


1000 Series | 1000系


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